9 curious facts about dogs that you probably do not know


Dogs are animals that have been living with humans for around 15,000 years, which makes them more intelligent.

An increasingly intelligent friend

It is said that the dog is the best friend of the human being, however this data goes further, because it is the pet that has lived close to us for the longest time, dating back 15,000 years to the time that these animals coexist in the domestication process.

This means that it is a species in the process of evolution and that thanks to coexistence they become evolutionarily detached from their ancestors, the wolves, because the interaction they have with man provides them with a constant intelligence challenge, since we demand that they understand us, we put them to the test and favor an environment in which they can develop their brains.

For this reason, it is believed that today’s dogs are enormously more intelligent than those of 15,000 years ago, and that this growth in their synaptic connections, which are almost triple those of cats, will increase over the years.

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