The intelligence of these dogs will surprise you


They boast of being the smartest breeds.

What is the intelligence of dogs?

When we refer to one breed of dog being more intelligent than another, we are really focusing on issues that have to do with their training. Not even the most intelligent dog would reach an intelligence remotely close to human, since the mental concepts with which they operate are very different from ours.

The classification on which we usually base ourselves on a study carried out by Stanley Coren, a researcher and neuropsychologist who carried out a study of 131 dog breeds to classify their intelligence based on how quickly they learned orders and the depth with which they the one who later remembered these commandments.

German shepherd


It is often said very often that German Shepherds have a very balanced character. They know how to be active, alert and even aggressive when the occasion requires it, and in the same way they are very familiar, faithful and helpful dogs.

Again, this is a characteristic that has to do with the intelligence of the animal, which allows it to adopt different attitudes depending on the degree of need for what is expected of them. This breed regularly participates in competitions, carrying out circuits scheduled by trainers, where German shepherds usually take first prizes thanks to their intelligence.

Golden retriever


Goldens are wonderful companion dogs, but they are also one of the most sought-after breeds for professional work. Guide and rescue dogs are usually golden, due to their calm character and high intelligence.

They can be trained for a multitude of situations to make the most of their sense of smell and communicate with their owners or caregivers in the most effective way possible. In addition, it is considered a very familiar breed, so having a golden at home is much more than living with a pet. It is an active dog and committed to its family, which sharpens its ingenuity to integrate and collaborate in domestic activities.



This breed of dog is often considered dangerous. However, if the Doberman is correctly socialized and trained, it is a family dog ​​that does not have to present any danger to the family. It all depends on the degree of training and physical exercise that we allow him to do.

If he lives in a secluded apartment and rarely goes outside, he probably develops a very bad character and we have a serious behavior problem, because he needs to go out, run and exhaust himself. However, not only his physical facet is important. The Doberman is capable of learning a lot and at a high speed, which means that its training is not too slow or complicated.

Labrador retriever


This breed of dog usually accompanies the police in their search for explosives, narcotic substances and people search.

Labrador retrievers are intelligent, because they easily understand commands and are especially willful and obedient when humans try to communicate with them and test them. They are very energetic and agile dogs, but at the same time they are docile and very affable.

Shetland Sheepdog


The way in which the degree of intelligence of the dogs according to Stanley Coren’s classification was determined was directly related to the ease and efficiency that the dogs had to understand that we were ordering something, and with what degree of efficiency the dog recognized the order after.

In this sense, the Shetland Sheepdogs are dogs that, in that classification, are capable of understanding that we are giving them an order when we repeat it 5 times, and subsequently they comply 95% of the time. And yes, Lassie was a Shetland Sheepdog.



Of the smartest dogs, this is the smallest, ahead of even poodles. The papillon is an energetic dog with a lot of self-confidence. It seems, by his behavior, that he is not aware of his size.

It usually demonstrates a willingness very close to pleasing its owners, being attentive, a defender, and quickly receiving the orders it is given.



Like the Doberman, Rottweilers are dogs that have a reputation for being violent or aggressive, however this is not entirely true. Rottweilers have a very energetic physical constitution, they are robust, agile and very powerful.

However, they are very easy to train thanks to their intelligence, which is why they will faithfully follow our instructions and will be willing to obey and serve their family.


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