What can I do if my cat won’t stop scratching the sofa?


Many of the needs of cats are based on marking the territory and exercising their muscles, scratches against the sofa can be corrected.

To some extent, living with a cat means admitting that it will have a way of behaving that is difficult to understand at times. Felines, even when they are domestic, behave with atavistic traits that push them to do things that seem incomprehensible to us and even harmful to the home, such as throwing things from above or damaging furniture. What reason could they have to do something like that?

Cats need to sharpen their nails and they do it with everything they find, but it is preferable if it resembles something like the bark of a tree. The sofa is probably one of the pieces of furniture most similar to trees that you can find in your home, as it has enough consistency but at the same time it is not lacquered or solid, like other items in the home, so it is possible to nail the nails in the upholstery, tearing the textile part, which generates a feeling of joy in the animal and helps its nails to be sharper.

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