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Why having a pet can be very beneficial for your baby

For harmony to reign in the family and for everything to go well with the arrival of the baby, both in the present and in the future, “it is essential to teach our son from a very young age how to treat and interact with his pet,”. We know that a child playing can be abrupt and not control his strength or his eagerness to want to share moments with the animal, which can lead to an unexpected response from the pet..

For this reason, they must always be supervised by an adult and: “It doesn’t hurt, in the case of the dog, for example, to work on possible jolts, pushes or pulls that may come when the child begins to interact with him. To do this, we can use rewards to associate these gestures with something non-negative and thus avoid a defense response from the animal”.

It will be when the child grows up and begins to control his actions and thoughts when we can instill in him the care of the pet , even giving him some responsibilities that are easy for the child to fulfill and with which both the child and the animal feel comfortable.