What happens when we educate a dog with punishments?


Dogs need training but never negative

The relationship that a dog has with humans is unlike almost any other in the animal kingdom, which is why we see that there is a very special connection between the two, although this can be used positively or negatively. In other words, if the relationship we have with our dog is not adequate, we can cause a lot of damage in his way of understanding the environment and modifying his behavior.

Unlike almost any other animal, dogs that live with humans consider themselves to belong to the same pack. The dog integrates into its behavior that it must protect, collaborate and provide for the humans in the family, and understands that this motivation is reciprocal and that all family members would be willing to protect and care for it equally.

This is a twinning that explains the level of fidelity of the dogs, that it seems that they would give their lives for us and that once we leave it seems that they go out of their way to stay by our side. It is not only a trait of love, but these situations are related to the quid pro quo , they are willing to give what they basically expect from us.

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