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Why having a pet can be very beneficial for your baby


Having a pet at home can be more beneficial than you imagine for children.

The arrival of a baby at home is a revolution in every way. A sweet chaos that affects all the members of the family, including the pets that, in addition, will be a key element for the development of the baby, at the same time that the little one will also provide them with many advantages. And it is that, there is more and more scientific evidence that indicates the immunological benefits of babies raised with animals , and how that benefit begins from the womb of the mother.

The hypotheses of these studies reflect how exposure to the pregnant mother’s pet reduces the chances of streptococcal transmission during childbirth, that is, of a possible cause of pneumonia in The newborns.

They also influence immune development in such a way that it protects against the predisposition to have allergic reactions. And in relation to the coexistence of the pet with the baby, studies speak of an increase in bacteria related to the reduction, not only of allergies , but also of obesity , and of a lower risk of these children suffering from asthma more ahead.

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