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Why having a pet can be very beneficial for your baby

  • Keep the pet healthy . The vet will indicate the recommended frequency once you live with the baby.
  • Correct any behavior or conduct problems if any.
  • If it is a previously trained dog, we will review the learned behaviors with it to consolidate them. Otherwise, it is worth having a professional in dog training to guide and guide us in this regard.
  • In the case of pets such as a dog or a cat, if we are going to consider keeping it away from certain areas of the house , it is time to work on it to normalize it.
  • It is necessary to consider who will take care of the pet and if it is necessary to increase the participation of third parties, so that with the arrival of the baby it continues to keep its needs and attention covered.
  • In the case of the dog, we can get him used to walking with the baby stroller .
  • Help him differentiate his toys and those of the new member of the family.
  • It is very important that during the days that the mother and the newborn remain in the hospital, items of clothing used by the baby are presented  to the pet so that it becomes familiar and recognizes the smell.

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