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Why having a pet can be very beneficial for your baby

  • They increase self- esteem and a sense of independence : “Teaching and allowing a child to take care of the pet favors his sense of autonomy and increases his self-confidence.”
  • They teach responsibility : “Children who learn to take care of their pet, learn to have obligations and maintain a commitment to it. Sometimes it is easier for them to learn to be responsible with their pet than with their own self-care actions”.
  • They learn the cycle of life : “Although the death of a pet is not pleasant for anyone, they learn the stages of life.”
  • They reduce loneliness: “Pets offer company and friendship. It can become a confidant for the child, since animals do not judge. They provide emotional support, improving separation anxiety and favoring a secure attachment.
  • They reduce aggressiveness : “Living with a pet forces the child to modify possible aggressive behaviors so as not to be reproduced by their pet.”

How to anticipate our pet at the arrival of the baby

Experts indicate that the most important thing is to anticipate the arrival of the baby and that the pet perceives that changes are coming . The animal’s routine must be adapted to the ‘new life’ if schedules for walks, meals or games are to be changed, and all this must be done during the pregnancy stage.

In the months of gestation we can resolve some pending things that we still have to do with the animal, such as updating it on its vaccinations, among other recommendations that the expert points out:

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