Why does my puppy dog ​​bite everything?


Do you have a puppy dog ​​at home and it won’t stop biting everything ?

Don’t worry. It’s normal, everyone does it and all you have to do is have a little patience, guarantee his safety and teach him, little by little, not to do it.

A veterinarian explains, “dogs a few months old use biting objects in the environment as a method of exploring .” In fact, the animal health specialist points out, “many times they do not control their bite force until they are five months old.”

The expert tells us that one of the most effective tools to control the bite is playing with their peers, especially with the mother and the brothers of the litter. “When they are with their parents or siblings, they build hierarchical ties. Socialization is the period where the puppy learns to interact with people, other dogs, other pets and also with the environment (street, subway, bicycles, cars, etc. ). In this period that lasts from 2 weeks of life to 4 months of age, they can bite hands and objects to explore or out of fear or insecurity.”

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