‘Dubious’ foods to feed a cat

Some human foods can be fatal for cats

Raw meat and fish

Giving our cat fresh food is an option with two faces, one positive and one negative. On the one hand, it is true that it is the best way for them to be nourished, since this type of food favors a maximum use of their nutrients, since their digestive system is capable of digesting uncooked food in an optimal way.

However, your entire diet should not be framed in this type of diet, measuring the amount is essential because, in the specific case of fish, there are some types that subtract vitamins instead of adding them. On the other hand, you must be especially careful with raw foods due to toxoplasmosis in the case of meat and anisakis in fish, try to make sure they are pieces of meat or fish that have gone through a freezing phase to kill them.

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