What happens when we educate a dog with punishments?

The more punishments, the less trust

The worst thing that we can instill in a dog is that feeling of arbitrariness and distrust, that greatly separates us from the objective that we really pursue of training and education . A dog that feels vulnerable, disoriented and without confidence will never learn anything, quite the opposite. It is for this reason that reinforcements should always be positive, highlighting what they do well to generate a valid precedent in what we want to establish as good behavior, and denying the reward for undesirable or contrary behaviors.

The repeated use of negative reinforcements can also bring out the most aggressive part of the dog, because when his mind collapses, seeing himself vulnerable, he can come to the conclusion that he needs to protect himself and opt for his most primary instinct: attack. A dog that is denying its own instinct under negative indications of constant disapproval and punishment is an animal that can reach the limit of its stability and its reaction can be unpredictable.

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