Reasons why a cat may refuse to drink water and how to fix it

Dehydration can have critical consequences for them

Many domestic cats have a very difficult relationship with water, they carry it in their DNA, they do not like contact with this liquid, neither to swim nor to clean themselves, and they are not very prone to drink either. As owners we must ensure that the amount of water they ingest daily is significant enough, it is not worth watching the bowl and filling it only when it is not overflowing. We must not forget to measure whether or not you consume water, because in the long run the lack of liquid in your body can cause serious health problems, such as lower urinary tract disease, among others.

Then a question arises, if as owners we must watch that the cat ingests water and that it is sufficiently nourished, what happens with wild cats? Because having a characteristic and instinctive trait of rejection of water could be incompatible with the life of this species when there are no humans to watch over their health. The explanation is simple, cats that do not live in the domestic environment acquire the water they need to nourish themselves from the prey they hunt and with which they are fed.

It is true that the body of cats does not need a large amount of water, so it can be enough with the liquid found in the composition of the muscles of the animals they ingest, whether they are rodents, reptiles or birds. As in the human being, the water content of other living beings is equivalent to around 70% of their body. But if domestic cats eat dry food to a greater extent, they can only find water in the supply of wet cans and in the water bowl.

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