Pay attention to these behaviors of your dog: should you worry?


Be alert to possible changes in behavior

You notice it weird. He barks non-stop, is sad or down, licks his paws excessively… There are certain behaviors in our dogs that should make us alert. But should they be cause for concern? In relation to behavioral issues, we should pay special attention to two aspects: firstly, to any change in our animal’s behavior and, secondly, to the frequency, intensity and consequences that a certain behavior may have. And we cannot ignore the fact that detecting changes in behavior is important because they often reflect the appearance of another underlying problem.

For example, our dog may be sadder and more depressedas a result of some disease that causes discomfort or pain, or it could start licking its paws compulsively due to stress or some skin condition that causes it to be very itchy. In all these cases, it is important to find the cause of the behavior change in order to treat it successfully.

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