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Why having a pet can be very beneficial for your baby

How to introduce the baby to our pet

Carrying out a small presentation ritual will be essential so that the animal does not feel displaced, in the background, and even ‘dethroned’ by the arrival of the new family member. To do this, the expert in dog training recommends us to carry out a series of guidelines and take into account some warnings, for the first days and months of the baby at home :

  • Greeting the pet affectionately as soon as it arrives : “The presentation must be very gradual and with a space that provides us with security. Teach her how to approach the baby correctly and allow her to do her research regarding the new family member. Reward the pet for its good behavior.
  • In the case of the dog, “if possible, it would be ideal to be able to take a family walk so that they associate the arrival of the baby with a pleasant activity.”
  • You must always use positive training techniques : “This is rewarding each correct behavior. We should not yell or get angry with the animal for approaching the baby the wrong way, but rather teach it the correct way and reward that behavior. We must get him to associate it with something good and positive and never the opposite”.
  • We must make sure that if our pet needs activity, it continues to have it , “anxious or bored animals can end up adding more work at home with their pranks.”
  • We can make use of a Kong , “if we need the pet to be entertained for a while.”
  • And of course: ” We will never leave the baby alone with the pet no matter how much trust we have in it.”

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