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Why having a pet can be very beneficial for your baby

  • A stronger immune system : “We have already talked about how it reduces the presence of allergies and asthma.”
  • They increase physical activity : “It has been shown that children who live with a pet have more hours of weekly physical activity, both in their own home and outside it. This benefits both sedentary children and active children, who get to burn extra energy. We must take advantage if our pet needs to walk to encourage outdoor activities.
  • They reduce stress : “Relating to a pet reduces the cortisol hormone and increases the release of dopamine and oxytocin.”
  • They help to work on  emotional intelligence : “For example, we can teach children to think about how their pet feels if it does not receive the necessary care and attention. With this we will be able to improve their social skills and promote empathy”.
  • Improves reading : “A child who is learning to read sometimes feels more confident reading with his pet than with his parents. With the animal it becomes a game and not an obligation. Reading to your pet allows them to relax, boosts their confidence, and helps them improve their skills.”

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