Why does my dog ​​bark non-stop?

Why does he bark for no reason?

If your pet is older (over 9 years old) and begins to have different behaviors, such as barking for no reason or at odd hours, it is possible that he is suffering from something similar to what we can suffer from: dementia or cognitive impairment .

Unreasonable barking is a symptom that our dog is getting older and it is advisable that we discuss it with our veterinarian, since there are treatments that can help our pet.

In addition to this symptom, cognitive impairment in dogs usually also manifests itself with problems with incontinence, sleep, or wandering around the house.

It must be remembered that it is not a disease, but a consequence of the passage of time, but that there are ways to slow down or improve brain activity, says the expert. On the other hand, she points out that dogs do not usually use barking when they feel bad. If an owner suddenly notices that his dog is barking for no reason, and especially if he is older, he should tell his veterinarian. But he should not be scared since it is not usually a sign of illness, because it is not usually a way of manifesting pain. And if the dog is young, it is usually a behavior problem.

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