Why does my dog ​​bark non-stop?

why do the dogs bark?

The barking of dogs can mean different things depending on the situation and the context in which they emit this sound, a type of vocal communication that they use to communicate with other conspecifics or with us. The most common reasons, are:

  • Defense of its territory. If another animal or a person enters an area that our dog considers to be his, the dog will bark to warn and drive away the possible enemy. As the supposed threat approaches, the barking will become louder and more constant.
  • Noises. The sound of the elevator, the neighbor’s door or any other noise can make him startle, and he will react by barking. This form of defense can be done anywhere, whether it is your territory or not.
  • Loneliness and boredom. It is another of the reasons why many dogs bark, especially if they are left alone at home. This domestic animal is a pack being, which needs to be accompanied. Spending long hours alone can cause boredom, anxiety, and behavior problems such as barking.
  • Joy. Dogs don’t always bark because they feel lonely, afraid or alert, barking is also a way of expressing their joy and communicating with you. For example, they may bark when you get home because they are happy, when you play with them, to get your attention, when they ask for a treat or when it is time to eat…
  • Separation anxiety. As we said, many dogs, especially if they have not been taught to be alone at home, suffer from anxiety that can manifest itself with compulsive barking, howling, destructive behavior, etc. Separation anxiety is a problem that reduces the quality of life and the health of your pet, as well as being a disorder for neighborhood coexistence. That is why it must be treated.

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