This is what your dog feels when you leave him home alone

Can we do anything to lessen your anxiety?

It depends a lot on each case and each animal, and the most important thing is to detect that there is a problem to be able to go to the vet and that they can help us. One very important thing, and one that is often overlooked, is that anxiety does not begin when we have already left the house, but rather before. Dogs are capable of understanding “anticipation signals”. They are things that we do unconsciously before leaving home (putting on our shoes, taking the keys, packing our bags, putting on our coats…).

When a dog has already detected these signals and we carry them out, his anxiety begins, increasing as he confirms that these signals do indeed indicate that we are going to leave. By the time we leave, the dog has been anxious for quite some time. Working on these signs of anticipation is usually a fundamental step to eliminate separation anxiety, for that it is convenient to observe what signs of anticipation we make, write them down, and do them at other times of the day where we are not going to leave the house. For example, putting on our shoes and sitting on the sofa. Making noise with the keys and not leaving the house, etc.

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