Pay attention to these behaviors of your dog: should you worry?

Possible causes

What are the behavioral problems that dogs usually have? There are many causes that can lead to the appearance of behavior problems in dogs. Perhaps the most common are:

  • Fear , especially in animals that have not been adequately socialized as puppies or animals that have experienced a traumatic experience.
  • Pain , due to illness or after surgery or an accident.
  • Lack of stimulation , either because the walks are very short or because of a lack of stimulating games at home, such as toys that dispense food.
  • Involuntary reinforcement by the owner of behaviors that are annoying, such as when a dog asks for food at the table and is occasionally given food.
  • Use of verbal or physical punishment , since it negatively affects the bond between the dog and its owner and can sometimes reinforce unwanted behaviors, that is, the punishment can cause that behavior to be repeated more and more.

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