Pay attention to these behaviors of your dog: should you worry?

When should we see a specialist?

As a general recommendation, we should go to the specialist when a behavior appears that negatively affects the well-being of our pet and/or that of the people who make up their family or third parties. For example, in separation anxiety problems , on the one hand we have the animal that suffers from anxiety when left alone, and on the other hand its owners, who are going to find damage to their house, may receive complaints from the neighbors for the barking of the dog when he is alone, etc. This would be an example of a case that requires the intervention of a specialist, and in which the well-being of the animal, that of the owners and also that of the neighbors is affected.

Another clear example would be cases of aggression, especially if the dog showing aggression has a high potential to inflict damage on others, either because of its size or because of the intensity and impulsiveness of its attacks.

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